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You can view a “teaser” 2018 FERSGUIDE for Special Category Employees HERE and for Regular FERS Employees HERE.

The FERSGUIDE is authored by Dan Jamison, CPA. Dan retired in 2013 from the FBI after 21 years as a Special Agent Accountant. Dan started writing the FERSGUIDE over 20 years ago, when the document lurked around only in the FBI’s email system until the advent of the Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) and then the FERSGUIDE spread from the JTTFs to the participating JTTF agencies where it quickly gained popularity outside of the FBI. Dan continuously updates the FERSGUIDE and adds new content. The FERSGUIDE now checks in at 131-146 pages depending on the version.  The guide contains a large number of hyperlinks, allowing you to easily click and learn more about a topic or conduct your own research.

The FERSGUIDE was a free resource until the release of the 2015 edition following Dan’s retirement. The FERSGUIDE is published annually in December. The cost is $15 and the fee also provides website access until the end of the guide year. The website contains additional retirement resources such as a PowerPoint accompaniment to the FERSGUIDE. The 2018 FERSGUIDE will be posted to the website on 12/4/2017.

There are two versions of the FERSGUIDE, one for Special Category Employees (SCEs) and one for Regular FERS employees. SCEs are primarily law enforcement officers, firefighters and air traffic controllers. Within the SCE version, there is one edition for those SCEs at the GS13+ grade at retirement and one edition for those at the GS9+ grade at retirement. The GS13+ and GS9+ guides are identical in content, but feature examples using the respective GS pay levels.

If the FERSGUIDE does not meet your expectations, just send an email to us and your purchase price will be immediately refunded.

If you are a new federal employee hired in the last 12 months, you can obtain a free 2018 FERSGUIDE subscription to help you start your federal career out right. Just email us your name, preferred email address, agency name, and your EOD to and you will receive an email from us with a username and password good until 11/30/2018.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a subscription cost??

$15 for the FERSGUIDE PDF.  The fee will also entitle you to website access until 11/30/2018. The FERSGUIDE follows a “guide year” of 12/1-11/30, however, purchases made now will still provide website access through 11/30/2018.

When does my subscription expire??

All 2017 FERSGUIDE subscriptions purchased after 9/30/2016 expired on 11/30/2017.  All 2018 FERSGUIDE subscriptions purchased after 9/18/2017 will expire on 11/30/2018. Only 2018 subscriptions are available now.

If I am not satisfied, can I get a refund??

YES – just email us and a refund will be processed immediately.

Will my credit card be automatically charged next year??

No. You will have to login an manually renew each year you desire to be a member.  FBIAA members will have to resubscribe annually through the FBIAA’s website.

Can I use PayPal??

No, we have our own more-secure payment system.

Can I pay by check??

Yes.  Checks should be made payable to FERSGUIDE, LLC, and mailed to 11357 Nuckols Road, #134, Glen Allen, VA 23059.  Use your bank’s web bill-pay service to save the cost of a stamp!  Be sure to include your email address so that an account can be created for you upon receipt of the check.

What does my $15 membership provide??

You receive access to the website with your username and password.  This will allow you to view and download the FERSGUIDE in PDF format.  You can also access all of the website content, including PowerPoint shows that complement the FERSGUIDE.  Additionally, you may email Dan Jamison with any questions that you have which are not answered in the guide.  The “Contact Us” page is restricted to subscribers and Dan only answers emails for paid subscribers. Dan also emails a monthly newsletter to subscribers of topical interest.

When are new updates published??

The FERSGUIDE is published annually and will be posted to the site on 12/4/2017 this year.  A mid-year update is also typically provided if any laws or rules have changed. The 2018 FERSGUIDE will be posted to the website on 12/4/2017.