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I’ve provided this in-depth comprehensive retirement-benefits guide for over 15 years and have answered thousands of questions from my subscribers. I firmly believe there is no better guide out there for federal law-enforcement officers, firefighters and other special-provisions employees, and I take great pride in being able to make that statement. The guide has always been a labor of love for me, something that I passionately enjoy and believe in. To that end, I have expanded it again, with 15 additional pages of content and hyperlinks. The Agent version checks in now at 107 pages and the Regular FERS version at 97 pages.  My subscribers are the secret to my success – without you, there would be no FERSGUIDE.


This year, as I enter into my third year of retirement from the FBI, I am charging the same $10 annual subscription fee for the FERSGUIDE. You can purchase the FERSGUIDE on my website,  You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card at my website, just follow the PayPal instructions for those without a PayPal account.  If you have difficulty using the payment tool, please contact me.  I've tried to make the cost reasonable in order to encourage subscription participation among the readership.


Your financial support will enable to me to continue to publish the FERSGUIDE and answer your questions.  Your paid subscription fee will entitle you to updates of the 2016 FERSGUIDE (v10) throughout the guide-year ending 11/30/2016, topical emails from me (no more than monthly), and answering your emailed questions.  I only answer questions from subscribers.


After subscribing through the website button above, your name and email will automatically be passed to Constant Contact, my mass-email service. After payment and registration, you will have access to the protected content on the site. The page named "FERSGUIDE PDFS & PPTS" contains both versions of the guide as well as the PowerPoints.


It remains my goal to educate every federal employee about their retirement so that they will be well-prepared and able to retire sooner than originally planned. To that end, if you are a new federal employee hired in 2015-2016, send an email to with your EOD and a written request and I will provide you with a complimentary 2016 FERSGUIDE subscription so that you will have a solid understanding of your federal retirement benefits as you begin your career with the federal government.


I guarantee you will enjoy the FERSGUIDE or your money back - no questions asked.