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Jamison Small

FERSGUIDE, LLC, is sole-member LLC operated by Dan Jamison, CPA.

Dan Jamison is regarded as a national subject-matter expert in retirement benefits for federal law enforcement officers, firefighters, air traffic controllers and those persons covered under the Special Category Employee (SCE) Provisions of FERS. He has authored the FERSGUIDE for over 20 years. The FERSGUIDE enjoys a wide circulation to thousands of federal employees in more than 30 federal agencies and military commands. Each year, the FERSGUIDE is updated and expanded to cover more topics of interest to federal agents. The FERSGUIDE became a fee-based service with the 2015 edition in December 2014. Three versions of the FERSGUIDE are available for purchase, two for SCEs, each reflecting a different grade level at retirement, and one for regular FERS employees.

Dan does not offer financial-planning services nor does he offer tax-preparation services.

If your agency is looking for a retirement seminar based on the FERSGUIDE book and PowerPoint presentation, please contact John Grobe at Federal Career Experts (FCE). You can reach John Grobe at Having conducted many of my prior seminars through FCE, and knowing John Grobe for many years, I can assure you that FCE will provide a retirement seminar that exceeds your expectations.  FCE boasts a cadre of experienced presenters, all of whom are experts in federal law-enforcement retirement rules.  FCE is the only firm authorized to present my FERSGUIDE PowerPoint presentation and use my FERSGUIDE as the basis for the course instruction.

Dan earned a Master’s Degree in Accounting from The University of Florida and holds active CPA licenses in Virginia and Florida.  Dan was assigned to the FBI’s San Diego Division from 1992-2010 and retired from the FBI’s Richmond Division in December 2013 after 21 years as a Special Agent Accountant.  Dan continues to reside in the Richmond, Virginia, area with his wife and two sons.